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Sugar Whipped Mindy Haws

I have been a baker since I can remember.

I used to designate days out of my week to bake for other people- whether it be for neighbors, friends, or even all my sister's friends. I think I spent one summer baking snickerdoodles daily for my sister's friends. I was probably only 6 years old, had to sit on the counter to even see what I was doing. I would pull out our trustee Bosch mixer, or grab just an old fashion wooden spoon to start working away. Being so young, cookies were the easiest for me- that was my "specialty," if that is even possible at that age.

As I got older, I still loved to bake for people, graduating from cookies to more challenging recipes. I began to familiarize myself with the science behind baking. And as time passed, my passion to create delicious treats only grew stronger. What kept me baking was realizing how happy I could make people by giving them their favorite type of treat or dessert. And ultimately it was the feeling of spreading simple joy that fueled my desire to become a professional baker.

Much of my knowledge can be attributed to the many jobs I've held at commercial bakeries learning from incredibly talented bakers. The rest of my skill set is built from plenty of trial and error in my own kitchen. I'm happiest when I'm creating and perfecting recipes, exploring new techniques, and experiencing the joy and satisfaction of my customers.

Everything baked at Sugar Whipped is made from scratch and consists of only the highest-quality ingredients. I shy away from any additives such as food coloring, and constantly work to perfect my recipes. Sugar Whipped strives to create a product that makes you want to come back for more.

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Aerocaffe - Boise Bench

Bleubird - Boise

Blondie's Coffee - Boise

Boise CO-OP - Boise / Meridian Village

Broadway Deli - South East Boise

Caffe Capri - South East Boise

Coffee Mill - South East Boise

Dawson Taylor - Downtown Boise

The District - Downtown Boise

Frog's Fix Coffee Parlor - Boise Bench

Hyde Perk Coffee House - North End Boise

Lulu's Pizza - North End Boise

Rosauers - Meridian Village

Slow by Slow - Downtown Boise

Strongline Espresso - Boise

Tree City Smoothie - Treasure Valley

Zero Six Coffee Fix - Southeast Boise

Red Moose - Salt Lake City, UT